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2017-06-22 11:21 The science of decolonisation How do we build a prosperous decolonised Africa? Johan Fourie from Stellenbosch University explains one solution: focusing less on land reform and more on science and technology.
2017-06-08 11:52 How social status drives our consumption – and inequality To some people, outward appearances matter a great deal, but buying expensive products to signal to others that we have money may only help to widen the wealth gap.
2017-06-07 08:56 Land question needs to be resolved It has been argued that one of the reasons why black South Africans have struggled to make economic headway is because they don’t own fertile land. A solution is needed for this problem.
2017-05-25 13:39 How emotional intelligence makes us productive How can your birth order influence cognitive abilities? In turn, how do these link to a person’s capacity and desire to lead?
2017-05-17 09:47 Eradicating the scourge of corruption In South Africa, corruption poses a massive challenge. How can we tackle this problem?

Why is spending inequality on the rise? 2017-05-11 09:15 In the US, spending inequality – the difference in how much households spend at grocery stores – is on the increase. Is technology to blame?
SARB: Not necessarily the next domino to fall 2017-05-08 15:32 Since the recent Cabinet reshuffle, concerns around the Reserve Bank’s future independence have been raised. However, these may be misdirected.
Driving radical economic transformation 2017-04-13 10:05 Over the past five years, the Black Business Council has successfully lobbied for significant changes to empowerment legislation and regulations as part of its agenda to transform the economy.
Can Twitter predict the markets? 2017-04-12 12:15 Translating opinions into numbers is not an easy undertaking but it seems that Twitter does offer some useful, perhaps even lucrative, insights.
When graves become battlegrounds 2017-04-12 15:34 At struggle stalwart Ahmed Kathrada's recent funeral and memorial, critics and defenders of President Jacob Zuma made their voices heard. Where will this period of upheaval leave SA?
ANC makes the right policy noises 2017-04-10 15:17 A new economic policy document drafted by the ruling party’s leaders avoids revolutionary rhetoric and seems intent on attracting investment into the country.
South Africa

Eskom's Anoj Singh sweating it out

Jul 19 2017 21:00

Despite a cloud hanging over Eskom’s chief financial officer Anoj Singh, who is believed to have close connections to the Gupta family, the embattled executive has so far escaped any sanction from his employer.


The path to non-retirement

Jul 20 2017 09:07

The human lifespan is getting longer and longer. What does this mean for those who are putting money away for retirement? And can you imagine doing the same job for over 70 years?