2017-08-09 14:43 The new champion of globalisation Under the watch of the world’s second-largest economy China, globalisation – in one form or another – will remain a principal feature of global trade.
2017-08-03 12:32 SA’s pricey neighbours Critics say that SA should withdraw from the Southern African Customs Union, as it costs SA billions a year in customs revenue that is paid over as ‘subsidies’ to the other members of the union.
2017-08-04 14:44 MTN shakes off Nigerian ghost The telecoms giant experienced a boost in overall revenue of almost 7%. In SA, the group also saw an increase in data revenue growth of almost 19%.
2017-07-25 09:32 How to get SA growing South Africans would benefit greatly if the country’s state-owned enterprises were to be privatised.
2017-06-29 11:23 Geopolitical recession changing the world With the rise of populism in the West, uncertainty abounds, and political insight becomes crucial for investors.

PSG on the prowl for opportunities 2017-06-29 11:06 PSG has been exceptionally good at identifying small companies and moulding them into huge winners. CEO Piet Mouton’s message at the recent AGM was that investors can expect more of this.
The ins and outs of vertical integration 2017-06-19 14:10 While vertical integration seems to be a simple way for companies to boost profits, it’s not always a viable strategy and could pose some challenges.
Retail giants trampling small black businesses 2017-06-14 11:31 South Africa’s big four grocery retailers are squeezing everyone else out of the market and making it impossible for independent businesses to survive, a Competition Commission inquiry has heard.
Retailers’ vanishing fortunes 2017-06-14 09:37 A positive start for locally listed retail counters has ended up a false start for most. How have these stocks performed to date and what are analyst expectations going forward?
‘Revolutionary’ charter spells trouble 2017-06-01 11:47 According to speculation, a new mining charter in mind will chase transformation targets up to 30%, but the Chamber of Mines has warned that it is time to think differently about transformation.
In the markets: What to watch this week 2017-05-29 14:34 The Business Confidence Index for the second quarter of 2017 and Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) figures are to be released over the coming days.

A small company with big spirit

Aug 18 2017 15:28

Bicycle company Two Wheels Trading was founded in 2007 to distribute fine bicycle accessories. Since then, it has released two bike brands tailored to South Africa’s unique conditions.