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2016-10-24 13:08 Manage the risk, and small caps will reward you How do small-cap shares perform compared to their larger counterparts in the Top40? And in which small caps are fund managers currently investing?
2016-10-24 10:57 Are you a manager or a leader? Times are tough, and a company’s very survival depends on its ability to set a sound course and rally employees behind it. This requires strong leaders, not paint-by-number managers.
2016-10-24 11:28 Basic but important investment considerations finweek’s investment expert, Simon Brown, takes a look at two simple, but vital, points to keep in mind before you buy into a company.
2016-10-24 11:01 Quiz #138: 24-30 October Let's see if you've been keeping abreast of current events over the past few days. You could win a Freakonomics DVD if you get all the answers right. Good luck!
2016-10-21 13:44 In the markets: What to watch this week All eyes will be on finance minister Pravin Gordhan as he is expected to deliver the mini budget on Wednesday.

Bob van Dijk on the future of Naspers 2016-10-20 13:28 Naspers has grown phenomenally since it was founded just over a century ago. The CEO of Africa’s biggest company talks about where this behemoth is headed.
Adding clubs to your investment bag 2016-10-20 11:48 Many investors stick to only one or two asset classes, but proper diversification requires a broader look than that, writes Schalk Louw.
Trading in style: When business savvy runs in the family 2016-10-21 11:55 In 1940, Ismail Moosa founded what is today known as the premier men’s businesswear brand, Khaliques. His son, Khalik, explains what it takes to build a family business.
Dancing on the edge of disaster 2016-10-20 10:56 Will the Treasury’s solid track record of sticking to strict spending and debt targets hold up in the face of perceived attempts to erode the integrity of the country’s most respected institutions?
Going green is hip…and happening 2016-10-20 12:01 The now topical green building movement has broken the barriers of the perceived green premium, coming a long way in a surprisingly short time.
A healthy leader is a good leader 2016-10-19 12:40 In our rapidly changing world, leaders who can adapt will thrive. So what are the areas leaders need to focus on in order to do their jobs well in the prevailing environment?

27 October 2016 issue
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