How to avoid debt - and divorce

People who go through the traumatic experience of divorce will tell you that in most cases it has to do with financial circumstances, says an... read more

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Short-term debt payment difficulties

There is relief for consumers who are struggling to service their debt, says an industry expert.


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Garnishee order creates amnesty concerns

A Fin24 user wants to know if having a garnishee order against him would prevent him from getting credit amnesty or a home loan.

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Are you being harassed for old debt?

Many consumers are tricked by debt collectors into paying for debt that has prescribed. Here is what you can do if you find yourself in this... read more

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The most expensive way to buy a car

One of the biggest mistakes consumers make is to buy a car on residual, warns the National Debt Mediation Association.

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Debt is like a disease

Debt is like a disease - you can't treat it if you don't admit you have it, writes a Fin24 user.

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How to prepare for rate hikes

Interest rates are sure to go up. An expert gives tips on how to get ready for the inevitable, and offers advice to the indebted.

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