Savings achievement sparks fire to help youth

A Fin24 user shares how he through sheer commitment managed to save R14 869 in just over 12 months.

How to take the dread out of retirement
Time is the critical factor - the earlier you start saving for your retirement the better, says Fin24 user Brett Hilarides.
50 tips to help you save thousands and make you feel better
Many people are easily influenced by what the advertisers tell them because they lack critical thinking to discern between a need and a want, says a counsellor.
18 petrol saving tips to help slash your fuel bill
Motorists have endured a series of fuel price hikes since the year started. Here are some fuel saving tips from Fin24 users.
Simple plan to get out of debt
A Fin24 user shares the plan that took him from being R20 000 in debt to saving R8 000 per month.
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