How to start investing

This Fin24 wants advise on how to buy shares on the JSE without being scammed.

Investment advice for 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s
People in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s have different savings needs and have to create age-appropriate budgets, says an expert.
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Why it's not favourable to invest in SA now
Think about investing overseas for the next six months and after that in people, businesses and management instead of investing in paper, says an economist.
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Blesbok sold for R7.8m - report
A game breeder has reportedly paid R7.8m for an exotic Saddleback blesbok.
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Scenario planner advises financial emigration
The chief executive of the Centre for Risk Analysis believes the middle class, as well as the agricultural sector, are likely to come under great financial pressure.
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When it's too good to be true, maybe it is
Greed drives people to invest in pyramid schemes and all sorts of investments which promise massive returns, warns a savings expert.
Inflation, poor returns eat into savings
Far too many retirees run out of money, warns an expert, but choosing the right annuity can help overcome this obstacle, he says.
Home loan one of the best savings tools
You can use your bond as an investment account to save for a holiday in Europe or the kids' education - and the yield is tax free.
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Where to invest R3 million safely
A Fin24 user wants to know where the best place is to invest R3 million safely over 6-12 months. Our expert advises.
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