Where to invest R3 million safely

A Fin24 user wants to know where the best place is to invest R3 million safely over 6-12 months. Our expert advises.

Savings and investment accounts
Our expert, Gustav Potgieter, advises a Fin24 user on having a savings and investment account.
Investors need temperament, not intellect
People tend to think investing is a numbers game, but successful investing has a lot more to do with personality traits, says an investment specialist.
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Investment tools for the novice investor
A recent graduate is disciplined and serious about investing. Our expert points him to the tools which could aid his investment decisions.
Unit trusts: The good and the bad
Our expert advises a Fin24 user on which unit trusts to invest in.
Investing a small provident payout
We look at a preservation fund as a an option to invest provident and pension fund payouts into.
Tax on retirement funds
A Fin24 user nearing retirement wants to know how much he will be taxed on his pension and provident funds.
Investing abroad
A Fin24 user wants to know if it is necessary to obtain permission from Sars to invest abroad.
JSE investing: What to do
An expert gives extensive advice on what to do when investing on the JSE for your company.
My savings strategy
Savings hero Amy Heydenrych shares three unlikely savings tips.
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Banks only interested in interest
The government should educate people on finances instead of leaving this task up to banks, which earn R47 on each R1 saved, says a Fin24 user.
Investment lifeline for pensioner
An investment expert has reassuring advice for a Fin24 user who feels she has missed the retirement savings boat.
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Caution with property investments
Property investments also have their drawbacks. We look at some risks involved.
Tax and investments
A Fin24 user wants to know what the tax implications are on different investments.
Best spread for my retirement portfolio
Advice for a debt-free Fin24 user who is looking for the wisest way to allocate R7.3m in inflation-busting investments.
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Investing R500 per month
A 22 year old wants to know where he can start investing R500 per month. An expert weighs in.
Investment checklist
Daryl Ducasse provides pointers to help you through the investment maze.
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