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Posted by: philimon tefu | 2016/11/11 08:48

my company retreanched all workers this month and i want to invest from R5000 once off how can i make money in 1 year

My name is philimon tefu from tembisa my email please help me how can i invest in wich good companies that i can make good returns.

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Posted by: Gerald Mwandiambira | 2017/01/23 13:36
Dear Philimon,

One of the golden investment pillars that allows your money to grow, is time. The longer your money is invested, the greater the return you can expect. A year is a very short period to invest any money and realise significant growth. There are few investments with low risk that will allow you to see good returns in a year.

It is advisable that you consult an investment professional for assistance, especially as it seems that you may need your money in a year or to be easily accessible.

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