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Posted by: Joel | 2016/07/05 09:41

Tax implication- Saving

I will be taking up a job oversea. my gross will be around 30000$/year excluding allowances. I will received allowances of up to 26000$/Year. I will pay and additional 249$/month for medical aid. I also have a retirement plan around 1000 rand/month. Question: how can I save on tax?

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Posted by: Gerald Mwandiambira | 2016/07/06 12:05
Dear Joal,

Tax planning is a complex area of financial planning law and I recommend you find a registered tax practitioner from . I cannot render tax planning advice online and there is still much information required to draft any tax avoidance strategy from your information supplied.

I'm afraid you will have to find a practitioner offline to give you the best advice.


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