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Posted by: Mr Refilwe Mogotsi | 2016/07/04 09:52

Is the binary trading options a reliable mechanism for investing? is it true that the likes of Trevor Noah Daren Lewis benefited from it?

I need to enter the stock trading market and so far binary options seems to be the most performing. However the story seems to be to good to be true. See the following website and advise if their business is legitimate please. Wesite is I am so taken away buy this and I understand the risk that comes with stock market trading though. Your positive response would mean a lot to me and others that I interact with.

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Posted by: Gerald Mwandiambira | 2016/07/06 12:01
Dear Refilwe,

I have seen these website links and they are adverts for trading platforms. As this is an Australian website, I cannot speak on its authenticity, as it is outside SA, IT IS NOT REGULATED under any law in SA. Binanry Trading or Contracts for Difference (CFD's) are extreemely complex and risky investments. I would recommend you find a financial planning professional on to first ensure that such trading can be part of a hollistic financial plan.

The short answer, if it is too good to be true. It is!!! Everyone would be doing professional advice and take no action till after you have a financial plan and good advice.


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Posted by: Claire charlotte | 2017/06/19 17:25
contact he helped me get my life back, i was messed up in debts and ask options kept promising and never allowing me get my money invested. eachtime i found my self investing more not until it dawned on me it was a long big scam. i demamnded my money for months with no positive response. i cant say how i met hector but he helped me and all my life i will remain grateful
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Posted by: Luiza Cross | 2017/05/02 11:50
Just tucked the kids in bed, feels REALLY GOOD to be able to have my family back together under one roof. Months ago I had to leave my kids at my friend’s while I worked night shifts to make up for the money GTOptions stolen from me. If not for I probably would in in an alley right now waiting for the next winner to please. He helped me get 80% of my money back from GTOptions. I had invested everything I worked for seeing as my broker tripled my first deposit in the first few days. I was stupid enough to fall for it and I kept putting in more and more money as they said the amount I had at the time was too small to withdraw. This was how I ended up dropping over $130, 000 out of which I borrowed at least 40% of that money, it literally became like a drug I just couldn’t get enough of. got most of my money back using his unethical methods. These binary options don’t care less if you don’t have food to eat after sending them the money. Be smart and email this guy who saved me, his name’s Aaron. Good luck guys, I hope this was helpful, let’s fight these ###s back since the govt won’t help, don’t waste your time hiring a lawyer
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Posted by: Doug | 2016/10/31 15:05
I fell for this. How do i establish which platform i registered with a few months ago? I didn't receive any emails just got call within seconds from rboptions. They now claiming that i am not trading on their platform but some affiliate and they cannot help me
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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/08/24 14:35
If too good to be true, it really is, and binary options are no exception! A millionaire like Trevor Noah would have PUBLICLY endorsed if it was genuine!!!
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