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Saving is not just for adults

Target the youth, pleads a 26-year-old Fin24 user who says reaching developing minds could be the way to foster a culture of saving.


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Buzzwords and truths

Mandi Smallhorne discusses her beef with the buzzwords of the day: savings and entrepreneurship.

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Saving is not an afterthought

There is certainly no debate that ‘saving for a rainy day’ is the right thing to do. It would be near impossible to find a sensible argument not... read more

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How expensive is South Africa really?

Whenever South Africans are told they should save more, the high cost of living is blamed for failing to do this. But is living in SA really... read more

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Why talking about savings alone won't help South Africans

Concrete solutions are needed to achieve inclusion and preservation to help South Africans make meaningful financial changes, says Asisa CEO Leon Campher.

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How to save money with your rewards programme

One of the best ways for consumers to save money is to understand how to make the most of the rewards programmes, says an expert.

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Why South Africans are battling to save

The number of people supporting their children as well as their parents is growing, reducing their ability to save for emergencies, a study shows.

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