10 tips for financial planning

Financial planning is the first step towards a better financial future.



OneRandMan learns how money really works

National Savings Month is not only this month, it is every month from your very first salary slip, an expert warns OneRandMan and all South... read more

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How you get trapped by debt

Borrowing money is so quick, so easy - and so deadly, says Susan Erasmus.



Saving: Two allies, one thief

There are two big allies when it comes to saving, but beware the thief of time, warns an expert.


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Time the key for retirement saving

No one can really afford to wait before starting to save for their retirement, says an expert.

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Does tax ruin your savings?

Tax expert Prof Matthew Lester responds to a Fin24 user's experiences on savings in South Africa being difficult due to tax legislation.

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Higher rates not so good for savings

For investors, this is a small step towards positive real interests rates, but coupled with tax we are still some way off achieving a positive after tax real interest... read more

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