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#Guptaleaks expose lack of business ethics SA can't afford

Jul 26 2017 17:51

While governments and public money are often at the centre of state capture revelations, the enablers of corruption are not in government but in the private sector, says Mills Soko.


SA an uncontrolled train fast heading south

Jul 25 2017 17:51

Our future remains imperfect for as long as we’re led by people whose values have long ceased to resonate with the founding documents of our democracy, says Solly Moeng.


Mandela’s Last Years - pulp(ing) facts

Jul 25 2017 19:41

The withdrawal and probably pulping, at considerable cost, of thousands of copies of Vijay Ramlakan’s book, Mandela’s Last Years, is unprecedented in South African publishing.


SA's mafia is betraying the struggle and the people

Jul 23 2017 22:35

SA is losing good people – not just to emigration, but also to the morass of poverty and the knock-on effects of money pouring into the wrong coffers, says Mandi Smallhorne.



Nuclear turned South Korea into an Asian tiger - scientist

Jul 23 2017 16:00

Nuclear electricity is the key ingredient behind South Korea's rags to riches story. SA can use the same strategy to change its own fate, says nuclear analyst Dr Anthonie Cilliers.


Bell Pottinger personifies the smiling face of corporate evil

Jul 21 2017 13:12

When the bottom line is king, ethical considerations often fly out the window. The Bell Pottinger case is just scratching the tip of the corporate iceberg, says Susan Erasmus.


Is Eskom living on borrowed time?

Jul 21 2017 06:00

The worst of times may still lie ahead for Eskom, says Dr Stephen Labson, who delves into the details behind the figures presented in the power utility's financial results.

Inside Labour

Inside Labour: The bigger picture of patronage and corruption

Jul 20 2017 16:06

As unions fight to stop SA slipping deeper into the mire, they should bear in mind that political will is needed to tackle corruption and patronage-fuelled incompetence, says Terry Bell.


BOOK REVIEW: The biology behind social media

Jul 20 2017 06:01

The vast mesh of social media is a structured and responsive biological organism with “memes” instead of genes, says ace book reviewer Ian Mann.


Tackling change in business: The hard way is the easy way

Jul 20 2017 07:30

Change in businesses is a process of first unlearning and then relearning. By definition, it is complex and requires introspection and engagement, says Kumeshnee West.


Zuma: Mandela's nightmare

Jul 19 2017 05:00

No one should underestimate the debilitating impact of Jacob Zuma on our collective fortunes and the gains we have made since the end of apartheid, says Solly Moeng.


Who in SA is watching the watchers?

Jul 18 2017 06:10

We need to work harder than ever to ensure accountability systems are robust and deserving of South Africans' trust in public and private providers of oversight, says Tim London.

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