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BOOK REVIEW: The biology behind social media

Jul 20 2017 06:01

The vast mesh of social media is a structured and responsive biological organism with “memes” instead of genes, says ace book reviewer Ian Mann.


Tackling change in business: The hard way is the easy way

Jul 20 2017 07:30

Change in businesses is a process of first unlearning and then relearning. By definition, it is complex and requires introspection and engagement, says Kumeshnee West.


Zuma: Mandela's nightmare

Jul 19 2017 05:00

No one should underestimate the debilitating impact of Jacob Zuma on our collective fortunes and the gains we have made since the end of apartheid, says Solly Moeng.


Who in SA is watching the watchers?

Jul 18 2017 06:10

We need to work harder than ever to ensure accountability systems are robust and deserving of South Africans' trust in public and private providers of oversight, says Tim London.


Whither international capital flows?

Jul 17 2017 13:31

SA will struggle to be the master of its own destiny if it cannot widen the constraint on economic growth caused by its dependence on international capital, says Jac Laubscher.


Uber customer 'disservice with a click'

Jul 16 2017 15:42

Companies should bear the cost of time wasted on endless loops of customer service calls and attempts to contact a live person to hear a complaint, says Mandi Smallhorne.

Inside Labour

Inside Labour: Ideas to battle a poisonous legacy

Jul 14 2017 05:00

The plight of gainfully employed people who live in appallingly squalid conditions could be taken up by trade unions, since many of them are union members, says Terry Bell.


BOOK REVIEW: Teams that go to the top

Jul 13 2017 05:00

Designing and managing teams is complicated and requires a level of creativity and commitment many firms - and their leaders - just don’t have, says Ian Mann.


SA needs a sensible debate about its Reserve Bank. Here’s a start

Jul 13 2017 05:00

The raging debate about the role of the central bank is inevitable given that so much is changing in the world of central banking and in economic life, explain Vishnu Padayachee and Bradley Bordiss.



SA needs a new direction to avert ruin, Bloomberg tells the world

Jul 12 2017 09:00

Sadly for South Africans, President Jacob Zuma is better at staying in power than using it for the country’s benefit, Bloomberg says in its editorial.


Not radical but practical and achievable transformation

Jul 12 2017 05:00

A study suggests that finding ways to formalise cooperative business relationships could be one way to boost the success of women in small and medium enterprises, says Mlenga Jere.

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