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Little evidence of house price bubble

Nov 20 2014 16:31

When adjusting for inflation, the increase in real house prices since the end of the 2008 recession is marginal, says an expert.


Home owners battle to pay bonds

Oct 30 2014 20:17

South Africans are finding it more difficult to keep up with their mortgage payments as the cost of living and interest rates climb, says one of the big four banks.


Property owners encouraged to sub-divide

Oct 21 2014 12:54

The good news is that local municipalities are encouraging and supporting more density in urban areas, says attorney Liora Bamberger.

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My estate agent horror

Oct 14 2014 13:27

After a rough experience with an estate agency, a Fin24 user says it is perhaps time for sellers to demand "no service, no pay".

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Is the buyer liable for the seller's debts?

Oct 10 2014 10:33

New property owners are wrongfully being sued by municipalities for the arrear rates and taxes of the seller, says a legal expert.

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Who protects the property buyer?

Oct 19 2014 17:40

The financial and emotional stress from a flawed property deal is excessive, says a Fin24 user who believes there's not enough protection for the innocent party.

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Should investing in property be left to the experts?

Oct 17 2014 15:20

Should it be left exclusively to those who have a large investment portfolio or purchase only in the most upmarket areas, asks Liezl Hesketh.


Property scam expert gives advice in Twitter Q&A

Nov 19 2014 14:44

There are a number of procedures that you can follow that will protect you against a potential holiday scam, says a credit bureau expert.


Protect yourself from holiday home scams

Nov 17 2014 13:49

The holiday season often brings out cunning con artists who take pleasure in scamming you out of your well-deserved holiday, says a credit bureau expert.


Consumers reduce 'luxuries' to afford homes

Aug 15 2014 13:02

Households are reducing property "luxuries" in order to address the long term deterioration in home affordability, according to an expert.


New bill to fast-track property registration

Aug 17 2014 11:00

The electronic deeds registration bill will decrease turnaround time and registration of property, says Rural Development and Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti.


Vacant industrial land scarce in Pretoria

Aug 07 2014 16:46

Warehousing and logistics companies needing to development modern warehousing facilities will find a shortage of land in the Pretoria area, says an expert.

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