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What to do when tax docs burn

Aug 03 2015 13:19

Advice for a Fin24 users whose supporting documents for tax filing have been destroyed in a fire.


Home care and medical rebates

Jul 21 2015 18:23

A Fin24 users wants to know if he can include home care for his elderly wife in his medical rebate calculation.


Expat receiving pension from SA: Do I pay tax?

Jul 31 2015 08:00

A Fin24 user living in Canada, but receiving a pension from South Africa wants to know if he is liable for paying taxes.


What are the limits on claiming travel expenses?

Jul 21 2015 17:34

A Fin24 user seeks clarity on limits on claiming travel expenses on tax returns and what the implications are for exceeding the limits.


Can I claim for using my own car for work?

Jul 07 2015 11:33

Can an employee have tax deducted for using his own vehicle for work purposes without receiving a car allowance, asks a Fin24 user.


Can I claim for travel expenses?

Jul 02 2015 03:38

A pensioner, currently doing contractual work in Randburg and Pretoria, wants to know if he can claim his travel expenses.


Temp teaching for 6 months, must she pay tax?

Jul 02 2015 03:20

A Fin24 user wants to know whether his spouse, who was a temporary teacher for six months, is eligible to pay tax.


Working in Saudi, do I also pay tax in SA?

Jul 02 2015 03:04

A Fin24 user currently working in Saudi Arabia wants to know whether she should pay tax in South Africa as well.


Filing returns for an education trust

Jul 02 2015 02:45

Advice for a Fin24 user who has a few questions regarding filing tax returns for an education trust.


Tax filing: No financial records yet, what now?

Jul 02 2015 02:22

A Fin24 user wants to know what is a company to do with regard to filing tax returns when said company has not traded yet.

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Capital gains tax exclusion questioned

May 11 2015 16:09

A Fin24 user has a question about how to interpret the exclusion allowed on capital gains tax.


How can I access my R600k RA tax free?

Apr 23 2015 02:58

A Fin24 user who has contributed more than 15% into a retirement annuity seeks advice on the best option to access these funds at retirement, possibly tax free.

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