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Worried about paying unnecessary tax

Apr 30 2014 16:33

A Fin24 user, setting up a local office for an international company, is worried about paying more tax than necessary.


Why pay tax on a loan from a pension fund?

Apr 24 2014 16:26

A Fin24 user is surprised to find out that he must pay tax on an outstanding loan amount, taken from his pension fund, now that he has resigned.


Sars not fooled by 'independent consultants'

Apr 23 2014 14:34

A Fin24 user who was told by his company that he has now become an independent consultant is worried about tax implications.


Tax on R2.59m provident fund withdrawal

Mar 25 2014 14:52

Tax advice for a Fin24 user who has just resigned from her employer.


Tax relating to support of mother-in-law

Feb 18 2014 13:21

A Fin24 user wants to know if the financial support he provides his mother-in-law is tax deductible.


Retirement investment options and tax

Jan 23 2014 15:18

A Fin24 user is about to be retrenched and is looking at the tax implications on his pension and the best options for investing it.


Expat wanting to buy property

Jan 20 2014 14:46

A Fin24 user living abroad is not sure about the tax implications of buying property in SA.


Pulling out of Zim to invest in SA

Jan 24 2014 05:30

A Fin24 user is concerned about various issues in Zimbabwe and is considering disinvesting there to invest in property in South Africa.


Tax on donations by a child

Jan 07 2014 17:25

A Fin24 user wants to know whether he would have to pay tax on a donation made to him by his son.

Property Investment

Putting property in a trust or not

Nov 26 2013 17:17

A Fin24 user wants to know if it is better to register a property in his own name or in a trust.



Tax on leave credits paid out

Nov 20 2013 17:02

A Fin24 user wants to know about tax on leave credits due to be paid out to him upon retirement.


Tax on donations between spouses

Nov 14 2013 11:12

A Fin24 user is not sure about the tax implications if he should donate a portion of his retirement fund to his wife.

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