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    Away with empty rhetoric and slogans - labour needs to focus on real issues, says Terry Bell.

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    Alec Hogg speaks about the top three issues at this year's World Economic Forum.

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    Much of Netflix's potential impact on SA has already been made, says Arthur Goldstuck.

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Tax on provident fund payout

Jan 23 2015 12:31

A Fin24 user wants to know how much tax he can expect to pay his provident fund payout when retires.


Tax on the sale of a business

Jan 15 2015 18:17

A Fin24 user wants to know if there is tax on the proceeds of the sale of a business.


Tax on provident fund payout

Jan 14 2015 12:08

A Fin24 user wants to know how much tax he can expect to pay on a payout from his provident fund when he retires.


Tax on living expenses

Jan 23 2015 15:30

A Fin24 user who is unable to work wants to know if she is liable for tax on money sent by her sons abroad to pay for her upkeep.


Tax on withdrawal from a trust

Jan 13 2015 16:31

A Fin24 user wants to know if money she has withdrawn from a trust created by her husband and herself is taxable.


Is financial help from kids taxable?

Jan 08 2015 17:35

A Fin24 user wants to know whether the money her children have been giving her is taxable.


Flying days and tax when working abroad

Jan 07 2015 18:15

A Fin24 user working abroad wants to know whether days taken to fly to and from SA would count for determining her tax due.


Procedure important when objecting to Sars

Jan 07 2015 17:37

A Fin24 user ran into trouble with Sars after working abroad for a South African company and then hit some problems when trying to object.


Tax on earnings while working abroad

Dec 04 2014 15:07

A Fin24 user is going to work abroad for a year and is not sure how he will be taxed upon his return to SA.


Tax on yacht earnings abroad

Nov 26 2014 17:35

A Fin24 user wants to know the tax implications on money earned while working abroad on a yacht.

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Tax rules for South Africans working abroad

Nov 24 2014 13:58

A Fin24 user working abroad is not sure about double tax and when he will qualify for certain tax exemptions.


Capital gains tax on replacement property

Nov 20 2014 13:27

A Fin24 is not sure if capital gains tax applies to her sale and quick purchase of a second property.

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