• Thinking strategically

    Do policymakers actually consider improving trade performance, asks Geoffrey Chapman.

  • Power problems

    It's an iron law: no electricity, no modern economy, says Leopold Scholtz.

  • M2M money train

    SA's biggest mobile operators have found a new revenue stream, says Gugu Lourie.

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Estate duty on loans not recovered

Aug 13 2014 17:45

A Fin24 user wants to know if there would still be estate duty on a loan which could not be recovered.


Company provident fund vs self-insurance

Aug 11 2014 18:24

A Fin24 user wants to know what his rights are regarding a company provident fund or self-insurance.


Making use of a tax-free donations allowance

Aug 05 2014 10:53

A Fin24 user wants to make use of the R100 000 donations tax-free allowance, but worries about paying capital gains tax.


Tax on offshore investments

Aug 04 2014 15:11

A Fin24 is not sure what the tax implications are when bringing offshore investments into South Africa.


Waiting a long time for provident fund payment

Jul 23 2014 11:19

A Fin24 user is unsure why he has to wait such a long time for his provident fund to be paid out.


Tax implications on UT withdrawal

May 09 2014 18:01

A Fin24 user wants to know the tax implications of cashing out part of his unit trust earnings.


Worried about paying unnecessary tax

Apr 30 2014 16:33

A Fin24 user, setting up a local office for an international company, is worried about paying more tax than necessary.


Why pay tax on a loan from a pension fund?

Apr 24 2014 16:26

A Fin24 user is surprised to find out that he must pay tax on an outstanding loan amount, taken from his pension fund, now that he has resigned.


Sars not fooled by 'independent consultants'

Apr 23 2014 14:34

A Fin24 user who was told by his company that he has now become an independent consultant is worried about tax implications.


Tax on R2.59m provident fund withdrawal

Mar 25 2014 14:52

Tax advice for a Fin24 user who has just resigned from her employer.

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Tax relating to support of mother-in-law

Feb 18 2014 13:21

A Fin24 user wants to know if the financial support he provides his mother-in-law is tax deductible.


Retirement investment options and tax

Jan 23 2014 15:18

A Fin24 user is about to be retrenched and is looking at the tax implications on his pension and the best options for investing it.

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