• Dangerous games

    Employers' body Neasa is playing a potentially dangerous game, says Terry Bell.

  • Rational thinking

    All players should first consider the net result of their actions, says Leopold Scholtz.

  • Telkom's property poser

    BEE may be hindering Telkom's plans to offload redundant real estate, says Gugu Lourie.

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Looking to draw R60k/month off R5m

Jul 08 2014 07:54

A Fin24 user who has about R5m to invest wants to know how he can maintain a lifestyle which requires R60k a month.


    Using bonus toward education costs

    May 20 2014 15:13

    A Fin24 user in his late 20s is looking for savings vehicles to kickstart his child's education savings.


    Best savings plan for R3 000 a month

    May 09 2014 19:23

    A Fin24 user who started working after completing his studies is looking for the best way to save.


    Long-term investment

    Feb 05 2014 16:34

    A Fin24 user wants to invest money for a period of ten years.


    What to do with R1 000 savings per month

    Nov 01 2013 18:04

    Advice for a Fin24 user who wants to put the R1 000 he can afford to save each month to good use.


    How to make a small investment grow

    Sep 27 2013 17:30

    Advice for a Fin24 user in her 70s who woke up too late and wants to make a R36 000 investment reach its maximum growth potential.

    Smart Investing

    Calculating inflation

    Jul 29 2013 14:13

    A Fin24 expert gives advice on calculating inflation.

    Smart Investing

    Investing abroad

    Jul 29 2013 14:13

    A Fin24 user wants to know if it is necessary to obtain permission from Sars to invest abroad.


    Tax implications for interest earned

    Jul 29 2013 14:13

    A Fin24 expert gives insight into tax implications for interest earned on savings and investments.


    Saving and diversifying for retirement

    Jul 19 2013 09:51

    How do you know if you are saving and diversifying your investments enough for your retirement? An expert advises.

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    Get Saving

    Saving for education

    Jul 05 2013 13:30

    A Fin24 user wants to start saving toward her child's education. An expert advises on methods of doing so.


    Using savings to pay debt

    Jul 05 2013 13:05

    A Fin24 user has debt of R115 000 and savings of R30 000. She seeks expert advice on whether to use her savings to cover a portion of her debt.

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