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Investments and retirement planning questioned

Sep 23 2014 17:30

A Fin24 user questions the advice he is receiving from financial advisers about his investments and retirement planning.


Do I need an adviser to plan my retirement?

Sep 23 2014 12:20

Expert advice for a Fin24 user who wants to know if it is compulsory to appoint a financial adviser when one retires.


Gaining control of annuity savings

Sep 18 2014 12:17

A Fin24 user wants to avoid high fees and try to gain control of his retirement products as soon as possible.


Why are my RA fees so high?

Sep 17 2014 17:29

A Fin24 user wants to know what would be considered reasonable fees for the management of a retirement annuity.


Trying to avoid high fees on retirement products

Sep 05 2014 17:17

A Fin24 user is looking for retirement products which would avoid high fees and regulation 28.


Retirement catch-up

Aug 27 2014 13:28

A Fin24 user thinks few people are able to work for 40 years to save for retirement.


Contract workers and provident funds

Aug 21 2014 16:08

A Fin24 user wants to know if she can join a company's provident fund, although she is a contract worker.


New tax law and my living annuity

Aug 06 2014 17:21

A Fin24 user who has reinvested all his pension money in a living annuity is not sure how a new tax law will affect his situation.


Options regarding more than one RA

Jun 11 2014 17:01

A Fin24 user wants to rebalance his asset allocation and is not sure about starting a second retirement annuity.


Needing money to grow without much risk

Jun 03 2014 16:29

A retired Fin24 user is wondering about whether to take a bigger risk with his investments, but then also standing a chance of having his savings grow faster.

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On contract, can I join a provident fund?

May 19 2014 14:49

A Fin24 user who is working on contract wants to know if she can belong to a provident fund.


Investing a pension payout

May 05 2014 11:57

A Fin24 user is about to retire and wants to know how he can make the most of his retirement fund payout.

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