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    Terry Bell explores the connection between poultry, poverty and desperation.

  • A new ANC sweeper?

    Have the Guptas' new auditors mastered how to look the other way on cue, asks Solly Moeng.

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    Formulating strategy across the span of huge companies is a marathon, says Ian Mann.

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No steady job, can I go under debt review?

Mar 20 2016 21:36

A Fin24 user wants to know if she is allowed to apply for debt review even though she's unemployed.


Will debts for unemployed be written off?

Mar 20 2016 21:47

A Fin24 user who has been unemployed for more than six months wants to know if creditors can write off her debts since she's unable to pay them.


Should I sell my flat to pay off debt, user asks

Mar 11 2016 07:39

A Fin24 user who is undergoing debt review and a few months away from retirement, wants to know if he should sell some of his assets to pay off debt.


How much can they take from my salary for debt?

Feb 23 2016 07:54

A Fin24 use wants to know what's the amount a court can set to be deducted from a debtor's salary.


Double charge for debt questioned

Feb 17 2016 07:27

Expert advice for a Fin24 user who says the attorneys are double charging her for outstanding debt due to the judgments against her name.


Advice for a user who can't afford instalments

Jan 25 2016 15:33

A Fin24 user wants to know if she can pay less than the monthly instalment she initially agreed to.


Right or wrong? Car financer not budging on debt clearance

Jan 05 2016 12:23

A Fin24 user who voluntarily placed herself under debt review and settled all her debt, feels she is being held hostage by her car financer.


Setting her credit record straight

Dec 07 2015 07:42

Expert advice for a Fin24 user wants to set her credit record straight.

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Employee ordered to pay back sick leave

Dec 01 2015 07:53

Advice for a Fin24 user who was told to pay for the incapacity leave she applied for six years ago.


Is debt consolidation the best option?

Dec 01 2015 07:55

A Fin24 user wants to know if debt consolidation is the best option for her to re-finance her home in order to free up more cash.

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Marketing is a big concern in SA's small business community, followed by a lack of confidence and partnering with the wrong people, according to a survey.

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