• Dangerous games

    Employers' body Neasa is playing a potentially dangerous game, says Terry Bell.

  • Rational thinking

    All players should first consider the net result of their actions, says Leopold Scholtz.

  • Telkom's property poser

    BEE may be hindering Telkom's plans to offload redundant real estate, says Gugu Lourie.

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Trapped under administration

Jul 24 2014 15:33

A Fin24 user cannot understand why he is still under administration after six years.


Capital gains tax or not

Jun 25 2014 15:23

A Fin24 user has invested in an offshore company trading on Wall St and wants to know when capital gains tax would apply, if at all.

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Garnishee order creates amnesty concerns

Jun 11 2014 11:46

A Fin24 user wants to know if having a garnishee order against him would prevent him from getting credit amnesty or a home loan.

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Can I consolidate my accounts?

May 25 2014 23:33

A Fin24 user wants to know if she can consolidate her accounts or if she should pay them and be left with little to nothing.

Credit Amnesty

How do I apply for credit amnesty?

May 12 2014 15:57

An expert at one of the country's leading credit bureaus gives a breakdown of the credit amnesty process.

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Debt counselling: I want out!

May 09 2014 15:59

A Fin24 user wants to know the process of cancelling debt counselling.

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Impact of buying another house

May 09 2014 15:22

An expert gives advice on the implications of having two home loans at the same time.


Not winning the debt battle

Apr 10 2014 14:10

A Fin24 user is struggling to pay off her debt and is advised on how to apply the important in duplum rule to her benefit.


How to handle an incompetent debt counsellor

Apr 08 2014 14:59

A Fin24 user wants to know how to deal with an incompetent debt counsellor, who caused her to lose her vehicle.


The downside of being under administration

Mar 20 2014 12:58

Many consumers under administration don’t realise the monthly costs involved and interest that is increasing, an expert warns a Fin24 user.

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Under debt review, yet sinking ever deeper

Mar 17 2014 10:23

A Fin24 user was shocked to discover that she is way more in debt despite having been under debt review for a number of years.


Making debt counselling work

Feb 18 2014 14:55

A Fin24 user says debt counselling is working for her, but she questions certain ways in which her debt counsellor and her bank operate.

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