• Conflict over water, coal

    SA's leaders have upped their support of the water-intensive coal industry, says Keith Schneider.

  • Cost of doing business

    The world can't afford the $4.7trn a year in environmental costs of business, says Mandi Smallhorne.

  • Voter paralysis

    With so much tilting voters against change, democratic reason is the loser, says Solly Moeng.

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I can't afford to pay off debt, what do I do?

May 26 2016 14:39

After paying prescribed debt for four years a Fin24 user, unable to pay debt to financial strain asks whether a lawyer can force payment via a garnish order.


Can I request a refund from my debt collector?

May 25 2016 14:18

After realising that a duplicate judgment has been served to an employer, a Fin24 user seeks help in requesting a refund.


Will the new rate changes affect debt taken prior?

May 23 2016 14:57

Does the new interest rates effective May 2016 have any bearing on loans granted prior? asks a Fin24 user.

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Can I be liable for a default amount after I paid?

May 19 2016 16:17

I had a default on my name 2 years ago and it was cleared, then they add a judgment after which I paid, now they want the default amount. Can they do that?

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Questioning loan balance

May 18 2016 09:35

How does my loan balance move from R55k to R60k after paying R2 748/month?


Am I still liable for my old African Bank debt?

Apr 26 2016 19:18

A Fin24 user who has loan accounts with African Bank wants to know if she's still liable for the debt after five years.


No steady job, can I go under debt review?

Mar 20 2016 21:36

A Fin24 user wants to know if she is allowed to apply for debt review even though she's unemployed.


Will debts for unemployed be written off?

Mar 20 2016 21:47

A Fin24 user who has been unemployed for more than six months wants to know if creditors can write off her debts since she's unable to pay them.


Should I sell my flat to pay off debt, user asks

Mar 11 2016 07:39

A Fin24 user who is undergoing debt review and a few months away from retirement, wants to know if he should sell some of his assets to pay off debt.

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How much can they take from my salary for debt?

Feb 23 2016 07:54

A Fin24 use wants to know what's the amount a court can set to be deducted from a debtor's salary.


Double charge for debt questioned

Feb 17 2016 07:27

Expert advice for a Fin24 user who says the attorneys are double charging her for outstanding debt due to the judgments against her name.

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