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The myth behind active management

Jul 05 2015 15:19

An investor who wants to invest in the JSE via an investment fund has two main options: using an active fund-management company, usually in the form of a unit trust, or what is commonly known as a passive fund.


What it takes to be an asset manager

Jul 01 2015 17:24

The function of an asset manager is typically defined as that of handling the administrative, financial, capital, and operational aspects of any assigned portfolio.


Art: As good as gold?

Jun 14 2015 15:00

‘When we look at the subindices of the media, we see the now decade-old declining dominance of oil,” ­George Herman, a senior ­investment strategist at ­Citadel Investment Services, tells City Press.


How to bank smart and pay less in fees

Jun 14 2015 15:00

You’ve finally graduated, landed yourself a job and you are loving the flexibility of earning your own money. But before you know it, the money has run out and you’ve been hit with a whopping amount in bank fees. Neesa Moodley takes a look at some of the best bank accounts available for first-time earners


Ten useful habits on the road to wealth

Jun 01 2015 11:47

The preoccupation with being either rich or poor and the looseness with which the terms are used, are disturbing, says an expert.


Peter Diamandis – Why investing in nuclear today is a bad idea

May 28 2015 15:55

An industry expert warns that investing in coal and nuclear power plants is a terrible mistake, as the law of exponentiality makes the cost of renewables ever cheaper.


Six red flags of a money scam

May 27 2015 18:00

There are warning signs of a Ponzi or pyramid scam and consumers should treat any offer of an above market return on investment with suspicion, says an expert.


Keep your cash out of tax-free savings accounts - expert

May 24 2015 15:00

Short-term savings are better housed outside of the range of investment options available, says business expert Maya Fisher-French.


Impact of interest rates on commercial property

May 26 2015 11:42

Short term small interest rate movements should have no material impact on commercial property investors, says an expert.


Investing in a boat

May 26 2015 17:45

Investments in assets such as boats could be considered as part of a well-balanced investment portfolio, says an industry expert.


The Naspers dilemma

May 17 2015 11:50

The future of Naspers shares in portfolios have caused some robust debate in the last month, according to Daniël Kriel, CEO of Sanlam Private Wealth.


Investors warned against timing the market

May 18 2015 07:08

The Collective Investment Schemes industry has expressed concern over a sudden surge in interest in equities and says it hopes it is is not a case of market timing.


Simple steps to achieve financial freedom

May 11 2015 11:10

‘I am currently 28 and would like to be financially free by the age of 35,’ says Simon from Pretoria.

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