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Peter Diamandis – Why investing in nuclear today is a bad idea

May 28 2015 15:55

An industry expert warns that investing in coal and nuclear power plants is a terrible mistake, as the law of exponentiality makes the cost of renewables ever cheaper.


Sleepless nights over debt

May 28 2015 07:35

A Fin24 user wants to know how he can become creditworthy if his debt counsellor does not pay his creditors.


Who do I owe and how much?

May 28 2015 07:28

Expert advice for a user who has lost track of who his creditors are and how much he owes.


Six red flags of a money scam

May 27 2015 18:00

There are warning signs of a Ponzi or pyramid scam and consumers should treat any offer of an above market return on investment with suspicion, says an expert.


Query about surety for a loan

May 27 2015 17:26

A Fin24 user has signed surety for a home loan and has now discovered that the bank has automatically linked his profile to the outstanding loan amount.


Investing in six Satrix funds

May 27 2015 16:04

A Fin24 user wants to know if it is a good thing for him to invest in six different Satrix funds.

Vehicle Finance

Saving money or paying off car sooner

May 27 2015 14:08

A Fin24 user wants to know if it is better for him to save his extra money each month or to pay off his car sooner and save on interest.


Buying a home after a divorce

May 26 2015 12:48

Buying a new home after a divorce may be hard, especially if you are still the co-owner of a property with your former spouse, says an expert.


Impact of interest rates on commercial property

May 26 2015 11:42

Short term small interest rate movements should have no material impact on commercial property investors, says an expert.


Investing in a boat

May 26 2015 17:45

Investments in assets such as boats could be considered as part of a well-balanced investment portfolio, says an industry expert.

Wills and Trusts

Wanting a divorce after 7 months

May 25 2015 15:47

A Fin24 user is desperate to get a divorce after having been married for less than a year.


Factor in extra costs a bigger home brings

May 25 2015 11:43

While costs such as transfer fees are taken into account when deciding to move to a bigger house, one often forgets about certain other ones, warns an expert.

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