• Racial redress

    The next adult generation is at risk of being polarised on the basis of skin colour and young white S.Africans stand to be lost at us all.

  • To do list

    Keep separate lists to ensure your to-dos don't get cluttered and gain stress-free productivity, Ian Mann.

  • Clueless leaders

    Zim's leaders are clueless about managing the economy or leading the nation, says Malcom Sharara.

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Managing Debt

How to use good debt rather than bad debt

Jun 28 2016 20:04

Not all debt is the same. Knowing the difference between good and bad debt can change your financial life.


Matthew Lester’s retirement plan post Brexit: How long is long enough?

Jun 29 2016 07:14

Matthew Lester, who’s ten years from retirement, is looking at his pension post-Brexit, hoping that somewhere, someone, will find a solution within the next 20 years.


A 20% return guaranteed - fact or fiction?

Jun 23 2016 12:03

While taking a chance on a high-risk investment can be very beneficial, it is important to be able to distinguish between such an investment and an outright scam. Pierre Muller, Citadel advisory partner, discusses the reality of high investment returns.


Where do the large equity funds invest?

Jun 24 2016 06:00

South Africa’s largest equity unit trusts had a difficult past 12 months in terms of returns. finweek spoke to the managers of some of these funds to find out where they’re putting their money.


Value investor: Why UK much better off outside EU

Jun 24 2016 20:27

An analyst says he is delighted with Brexit benefits, from the UK regaining control of its legal system to its ability to extricate itself from Europe’s messy economic structure.


Fund managers push for SA reits to go overseas

Jun 23 2016 20:15

There is concern about the SA property market forcing some fund managers to focus on markets outside of the country, an industry expert says.

Managing Debt

How to save your car from repossession

Jun 23 2016 12:54

If your car is repossessed you may still end up paying the shortfall if it is auctioned off. However, there is a way out, explains an expert.


The good and bad of using home loan to pay off a car

Jun 22 2016 21:30

Using one’s home loan to pay off a car is an interesting concept which can work if done the right way, says the anonymous Stealthy Wealth blogger.


How to save thousands on life insurance - SA millionaire

Jun 23 2016 07:15

Most people who get sold life insurance do so from a place of ignorance, says CEO of The Wealth Chef Ann Wilson, who is a self-made South African millionaire.


Medical bill is settled, do I pay my lawyer?

Jun 21 2016 10:34

I have paid my outstanding medical bill and handed my account over to an attorney, who requests legal fees. Should I pay him, asks a Fin24 user.


Why does my loans not reflect on my ITC report?

Jun 21 2016 10:27

A Fin24 user who has four different loans wants to know why they do not reflect on his credit report.


Five mistakes to avoid when investing in overseas property

Jun 20 2016 18:59

Identifying the world’s best property investment opportunities can be challenging for the solo investor, making research and analysis support essential, says an expert.

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