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Vehicle Finance

What South Africans consider when buying a new car

Oct 04 2015 15:28

South Africans are far more aware of price, not green issues, when choosing a new car, according to sale statistics.


Tighten your belt and stick to a plan

Oct 04 2015 15:18

SA could very well be on the cusp of a recession, and the majority of consumers are only one or two steps away from disaster or debilitating debt. Scary statistics from both an economist and a local financial wellness study point to the fact that it’s high time to start keeping a sharper eye on your finances if you haven’t done so already, writes Neesa Moodley


How to apply for a bursary

Oct 04 2015 15:51

Bursaries can help you study further to improve your qualifications and seek better work opportunities


How to survive Christmas

Oct 04 2015 15:41

There are 82 days left before Christmas and if you want to survive it without your wallet taking a pounding, now is the time to start planning.


Am I liable for tax in SA on my overseas income?

Oct 01 2015 14:27

Do I have to pay tax in South Africa on my overseas income even though there is a double tax agreement between my country of residence and SA, asks a Fin24 user.


I earn below R250 000 a year, how much tax do I pay?

Oct 01 2015 07:58

A Fin24 user who earns below 250 000 a year wants to know how much tax needs to be paid in order to avoid being indebted to SARS.


Claiming for share management fees

Oct 01 2015 07:57

Am I allowed to claim the management fee from my share portfolio as a tax deduction from income made, asks a Fin24 user.


I get paid through a PayPal account, do I pay tax?

Sep 30 2015 07:36

I am working for a company that is located in the United States, I receive payment through my PayPal account. Will I be paying tax?


Consumer consent for credit bureau check

Sep 30 2015 07:34

A Fin24 user wants to know if creditors need consumer consent before accessing the consumer's credit bureau information.


What your credit record says about you

Sep 27 2015 15:48

As Dyafta explains, if your credit behaviour is good and you pay the full amount owing on your accounts on time every month, this will be reflected in your credit report and may help you obtain more credit when you need it.


Why the Bok defeat is bad for your money

Sep 27 2015 15:48

Amid all the controversy about the selection of the Springbok team, your money needs them to win.


ooba launches new subsidy service

Sep 22 2015 14:51

Bond originator ooba has formed a partnership to launch a new service to assist first-time home buyers with applying for a government subsidy.

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