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The myth behind active management

Jul 05 2015 15:19

An investor who wants to invest in the JSE via an investment fund has two main options: using an active fund-management company, usually in the form of a unit trust, or what is commonly known as a passive fund.


The importance of a financial plan

Jul 05 2015 15:19

A financial plan is a dynamic tool that should be used to manage your finances so that your money is always in the black, over medium- and long-term periods too.


State sets off credit bomb

Jul 05 2015 15:20

SA’s credit industry has been making the case for years that it needs to charge higher interest. In response, the dti wants to slash rates and fees


Taxpayers warned it's open season for scammers

Jul 03 2015 09:21

Tax filing season has barely begun and the first phishing emails are already doing the rounds, making it essential for taxpayers to be on high alert.


Temp teaching for 6 months, must she pay tax?

Jul 02 2015 03:20

A Fin24 user wants to know whether his spouse, who was a temporary teacher for six months, is eligible to pay tax.


Working in Saudi, do I also pay tax in SA?

Jul 02 2015 03:04

A Fin24 user currently working in Saudi Arabia wants to know whether she should pay tax in South Africa as well.


Can I claim for travel expenses?

Jul 02 2015 03:38

A pensioner, currently doing contractual work in Randburg and Pretoria, wants to know if he can claim his travel expenses.


Filing returns for an education trust

Jul 02 2015 02:45

Advice for a Fin24 user who has a few questions regarding filing tax returns for an education trust.


Tax filing: No financial records yet, what now?

Jul 02 2015 02:22

A Fin24 user wants to know what is a company to do with regard to filing tax returns when said company has not traded yet.


What it takes to be an asset manager

Jul 01 2015 17:24

The function of an asset manager is typically defined as that of handling the administrative, financial, capital, and operational aspects of any assigned portfolio.


Time to file tax returns

Jun 30 2015 12:21

Tax filing season is due to start in less than 12 hours, and taxpayers are advised to have all the required supporting documentation before filing.


Wake up call for SA's many borrowers

Jun 25 2015 18:26

South Africans are poor savers with only 20% of adults invested in a savings product from a formal financial institution – one of the lowest rates in the world.


JSE’s best performer sees lower-cost housing boom

Jun 25 2015 12:55

Calgro M3 expects revenue and earnings growth until at least 2018 as demand for lower-priced houses outpaces supply.

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