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Huge grain crops spell painfor US farmers

Sep 21 2014 19:50

US corn and soybean crops could break records this year, but for farmers the bounty has a dark side: falling prices and a logistics nightmare getting crops to market.


China's billionaires - 358 and counting

Sep 20 2014 15:17

China's rapid economic development has produced more high-net-worth individuals in a shorter period than anywhere else in history.


Nepal, Indial to build hydropower plant

Sep 19 2014 14:00

Nepal has signed a long-delayed agreement with New Delhi to build Nepal's biggest hydropower plant in a bid to kickstart economic growth.


Business welcomes Scotland staying in UK

Sep 19 2014 13:29

Britain's business community breathed a sigh of relief after Scotland voted by a clear margin to remain in the United Kingdom.


Japan cuts economic assessment

Sep 19 2014 12:00

Japan has downgraded its assessment of the economy in its monthly report for September for the first time in four months due to weak consumer spending.


Argentina, Citigroup face tough questioning

Sep 19 2014 11:30

A US appeals court has signaled its displeasure with Argentina as Citigroup warned it faces "serious and imminent hazard" if it follows a judge's order.


Scots impatient for new powers

Sep 19 2014 10:43

Scotland has spurned independence in a historic referendum that threatened to rip the UK apart, sow financial turmoil and diminish Britain's global clout.


Chinese firms face off with ratings agencies

Sep 19 2014 10:30

Chinese companies hounded by debt obligations accrued over the past few years are grappling with a new adversary at what is a very inconvenient time.


Scots spurn independence vote

Sep 19 2014 07:42

With more than two-thirds of the vote declared, Scotland has chosen to stay in the United Kingdom in a historic referendum that has worried allies and investors.


Russian tycoon's arrest hits business climate

Sep 18 2014 10:28

Arresting a billionaire over vague accusations will further hurt Russia's economy, already brought low by Western sanctions over the Ukraine crisis.

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G20 seeks closure on regulations

Sep 18 2014 10:30

Australia is leading a push to draw a line under the global financial crisis, urging the G20 to finalise regulations aimed at preventing a repeat of the crash.


No fiscal pain, no gain

Sep 18 2014 07:07

Free-spending France and prudent Germany hold lessons for SA, says Leopold Scholtz.

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