Q&A with Terry Bell

SA's firefighters: We all lost an opportunity

Jun 19 2016 12:41

Fin24 reader PJ suggests that the firefighters sent to Canada should have persevered as it could have been a first small step leading to bigger opportunities.

Q&A with Terry Bell

Why is the govt trying to keep workers poor?

Apr 28 2016 19:39

We don't need more money or laws to change labour relations in SA, we need leaders that have a heart for the people, suggests a Fin24 user.

Q&A with Terry Bell

'Ludicrous' to suggest that unions can save jobs

Apr 18 2016 20:00

Fin24 user Peter Dexter says South Africa needs unions for the unemployed who will fight for a free and flexible labour market with low taxation.


WATCH: Lagarde sees political dangers with tepid economy

Apr 06 2016 15:01

The global economy is beset by an array of political risks at a time when growth is at best mediocre, says IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde.

Q&A with Terry Bell

Insight into why no cost spared on funerals

Nov 11 2015 10:18

A Fin24 user reckons making proper provision for one's funeral ensures a dignified send-off and also alleviates the burden death can place on those left behind.

Q&A with Terry Bell

Is tech really behind SA's failing economy?

Nov 10 2015 17:38

A Fin24 user questions the concept that implies that technology is responsible for the economy falling apart.

Q&A with Terry Bell

Govt needs to step up to jobs plate

Nov 10 2015 17:35

Terry Bell responds to Fin24 users that feel that it is the job of government to create an environment in which more people can be employed.

Q&A with Terry Bell

User suggests govt links job creation and BEE

Oct 09 2015 14:36

A Fin24 user says it is not a government’s responsibility to create jobs and to keep employing more and more people and suggests linking job creation and BEE.

Q&A with Terry Bell

Decent environment = healthy society, says Fin24 user

Aug 26 2015 17:31

A Fin24 user believes that the issue of a country’s wellbeing and that of its citizens revolves around environmental issues.

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Q&A with Terry Bell

Small farmer decries high cost of living

Aug 04 2015 15:40

A Fin24 user wonders how the government can even consider putting non-farmers on a piece of land and expect them to produce.

Q&A with Terry Bell

Pallo Jordan, Terry Bell tussle over 'proudly unpatriotic'

Jun 02 2015 13:21

Fin24 user Pallo Jordan believes the SA taxpayer is subsidising the British health and education sectors through the UK's recruitment of our professionals.

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