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Inside Labour

Inside Labour: State of the unions: lessons to be learned

Feb 10 2017 05:01

The reinstatement of a union's registrar has highlighted areas of deep concern to the labour movement, not the least being political interference, says Terry Bell.

Inside Labour

Labour Wrap: The state of the unions and union capture

Feb 09 2017 05:01

The case of union Ceppwawu being placed under curatorship provides a worrying insight into the state of the unions and the dangers of capture, says Terry Bell.


Facing the real state of nations

Feb 07 2017 05:01

We live in a time of uncertainty when demagogues and ambitious populists jockey for power with politicians desperate to cling on to challenged authority, says Terry Bell.

Inside Labour

Inside Labour: Let’s stop blaming “Illegal” workers

Feb 03 2017 05:01

Instead of demonising so-called illegal workers, unions should organise them and fight for their rights under the constitution and labour laws, says Patrick Craven.

Inside Labour

Inside Labour: Still hoping - after 22 years

Jan 27 2017 05:01

An ongoing dispute has focused on Samwu's debilitating factionalism and moves by worker groups across the board to demand a return to grassroots democracy, says Terry Bell.

Inside Labour

Labour Wrap: Sidelined for 22 years

Jan 26 2017 05:01

In their 22-year fight for pensions and jobs, former Midrand municipal workers have highlighted the debilitating factionalism in Cosatu-affiliated union Samwu, says Terry Bell.

Inside Labour

Inside Labour: The scandal of the working poor

Jan 20 2017 05:01

It is time to revive the campaign for a basic income grant to ensure that no South African, with or without a job, is condemned to a lifetime of poverty, says Patrick Craven.

Inside Labour

Inside Labour: The positives amid the gloom

Jan 13 2017 05:01

Terry Bell highlights the 22-year battle of a group of Midrand municipal workers who won't stop fighting for their right to jobs and pensions.

Inside Labour

Labour Wrap: Hope amid the doom & gloom

Jan 12 2017 05:01

Angry and jobless young people with few prospects of betterment make for a worrying outlook, but there are also many examples of bravery and solidarity, says Terry Bell.

Inside Labour

Inside Labour: Why freedom of expression should be a priority

Dec 09 2016 05:01

Punitive laws just intimidate and drive obnoxious notions underground where they can fester and multiply in secret, says Terry Bell.


Inside Labour

Inside Labour: Unions must seek more than fee-free education

Dec 02 2016 06:48

Unions and fee-free campaigners should consult the various initiatives around SA that can provide guidance toward the sort of education and support systems it needs, says Terry Bell.

Inside Labour

Inside Labour: High hopes dashed

Nov 25 2016 05:01

Shattered expectations around a minimum wage leave the jobless and the working poor with prospects that seem even bleaker than before, says Terry Bell.

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