Clearing muddy waters of credit amnesty

The latest credit amnesty by the department of trade and industry was bound to be misinterpreted by the general public and companies alike, explains an expert.

Account not on credit report. What now?
A Fin24 user wants to know if he should pay the collection agency for an account that is not reflected in his credit profile.
Will my record be cleared after rehab?
A Fin24 user declared insolvent and subsequently rehabilitated, wants to know if his credit record will be cleared.
Credit amnesty: Record goes, debt stays
The credit amnesty implemented in 2014 is unlike the one implemented in 2007, where consumers needed to follow a certain process to benefit, says an expert.
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Amnesty and the struggle for credit
Many consumers could unwittingly be struggling to obtain credit due to their ignorance of certain aspects of the National Credit Act, explains an expert.
FAQs on credit amnesty
Credit bureaus have been inundated with calls from consumers since credit amnesty took effect on April 1. We answer some frequently asked questions.
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Your debt stays
The credit amnesty is in no way a debt pardon and consumers are urged to continue paying all outstanding debt.
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