Managing Debt

Debt, guilt and shame

It’s one thing taking out a loan in times of crisis and quite another living the high life on a deck of credit cards.

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Rate hike only a matter of time, warns debt expert

Deeply indebted consumers can count themselves lucky that the SA Reserve Bank decided to keep the interest rate stable at 5.75%, the debt... read more

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Your Voice

Take our Debt Survey - you could win R3000

We need you to help us help you by completing our third annual Debt Issue survey. For your trouble, you stand a chance of winning R3 000 in cash.

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Heroic escape from the pit of debt

A top achiever fell into a pit of debt which cast her into a desolate space. Luckily, some sound advice helped her embark on a journey of... read more

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Managing Debt

Your kids and debt

Where do kids learn about money-management styles? From their parents, of course. And don’t think they aren’t watching. They are.

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Debt is SA's destiny - report

Rising government expenditure which outstrips tax revenue can only mean higher taxes and more financial pain for households, says a report.

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Managing Debt

Real ways to make ends meet

It’s simple: if you’re not making ends meet, you need to either earn more, or spend less. Here’s how you might be able to do it.

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